Product Details
  • Name: Teflon Pipe Thread Sealant
  • Description:

- Product of China
We import our Kayan Teflon pipe thread sealant tape from China, and it is made according to European standards. Common usage for Kayan tape is to seal the thread of a pipe so that it becomes leak proof. We are the sole distributors of this product in Lebanon.
This product has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, withstanding those as high as 370°C and as low as -190°C. It functions normally at voltages up to 30 bars, elongates about 25% over its original length, and doesn’t age or corrode.
Available sizes are
• 19mm width x 0.2mm thickness x 20m length and 0.3g/cm3
• 12mm width x 0.1mm thickness x 10m length and 0.25g/cm3

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